As your small to medium-sized operation grows...

ERP Software for the SME

Catalyst Manufacturing® is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for the small to medium-sized enterprise that gives your company the ability to:

  • Proactively address problems before they affect your bottom line with increased visibility of material and labor cost variances, late orders, material shortages, over-capacity resources, and other production issues.

  • Identify and respond to resource constraints that could otherwise limit throughput using Material Requirements Planning (MRP), Capacity Requirements Planning (CRP), and other material and capacity planning tools.

  • Track production status and perform how-made and where-used analysis through business transaction reporting of inventory and labor.

  • Maintain organizational data for all your customers, vendors, items, product route, bill-of-material, and work centers.

  • Interface to QuickBooks® Pro, Premier and Enterprise to allow you to keep using the financial and accounting package with which you are already familiar

News //

Version 5.13

October 9, 2020

Added delivery lead time to customer ship-to and customer order delivery date.  Added ability to filter locations when allocating and issuing material.  Added pallet load weight and pallet weight functionality to shipping document.

Version 5.12

February 28, 2020

Added SQL Server Authentication connection option for network environments that do not have domain controllers.  Added EOQ order policy option and ability to create credit memos without linking to a sales return.

Version 5.11

August 9, 2019

Extended revision control attribute to saleable items. Added ability to specify rounding for sales and purchase price. Added ability to update QuickBooks inventory by inventory class. 

Version 5.10

December 14, 2018

Added interface to UPS WorldShip®. Extended third-party bill-to functionality.  Added item file listing and ability to enter revision number as alphanumeric text.

Why Catalyst Manufacturing?
  • The most full-featured ERP/MRP system for small manufacturers for the price


  • Information about your business at the fingertips of all company employees

  • Tools to align your business processes to inventory management best practice

  • Real-time production and inventory reporting to allow early detection and proactive responses to problems

  • Ability to customize the solution to fit the specific needs of your business

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