Catalyst Manufacturing® can be purchased by submitting a completed Order Form.


The pricing for Catalyst Manufacturing is based on the number of concurrent client seats on a licensed server. Add $500 for the QuickBooks Link - an optional accounting interface to QuickBooks®. For a comparison of the product features included in each edition, please refer to the Product Feature Comparison. The prices below apply to non-localized versions of the product only. Prices are stated in U.S. dollars and are subject to change.

Product upgrades and email support: Free product upgrades and email support are included in the purchase price for the first year. Thereafter, you may extend the initial upgrade and support plan by purchasing an annual maintenance plan from Manufacturing Advisors. Users may upgrade from the Basic Edition to the Full Edition or from the Microsoft Access back-end database to the SQL Server back-end database at any time after the original purchase by paying the incremental price difference between the two systems.


Access Runtime: When using the Access Runtime, a Microsoft Access client license is not required to use Catalyst Manufacturing. The Access Runtime can be installed on any PC that will not be used to perform custom modifications or maintain the Access database.


INSTALLATION TERMS: Catalyst Manufacturing is licensed to a business entity by physical site location on a server basis. Please read the Software License Agreement for a complete reference to the terms and conditions. An activation code is issued to a company based on their product registration for the server on which the back-end database resides. A replacement activation code is necessary if the back-end database is placed on a different server. Additional fees apply for activation codes needed to operate on more than one server at the same time. In addition, a new license is required to operate separate back-end databases independently at more than one site location. The client seats are based on the number of concurrent users i.e. the maximum number of users that can be logged into the system at the same time.

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